Aruba Sports Medicine

Massage therapy is a combination of different techniques that manipulate the soft tissues and joints to improve the overall health of your body. Massage increases oxygen and nutrients in your muscles. It also helps to eliminate waste from your tissues. Massage accelerates the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Total Relaxation and Wellness

Massage Therapy involves the assessment and treatment for soft tissue and joint dysfunction. Massage can increase flexibility and range motion as well a general sense of wellbeing and relaxation.

All types of Massage Therapies

You can also get myofascial and electro-acupuncture treatments, acupuncture/ acupuncture, therapeutic ultrasound/ taping, IFC as well as joint mobilization, home exercises, and cupping therapy.

The Benefits of Massage

Everyone who loves exercise should seriously consider massage therapy as a lifestyle option. It is an ideal way to add stress relief to your exercise plan. It has other key benefits, however.

Sports massage therapy actually uses a combination of several different techniques. Massage has two primary purposes. It helps muscles relax and relieves tension by using a combination o of hand strokes. Other benefits include the following:

  • Improved circulation. The stimulation of tissue cells and blood by massage is often followed or accompanied by an increase in substance exchange, which improves tissue metabolism. Massage increases oxygen supply and nutrients. This allows the body to rebuild itself.
  • Improved range and flexibility This will result in greater power and performance. It also allows you to work efficiently, with the proper intensity, and facilitates the body's muscle-building response.
  • It helps decrease the recovery time in between workouts. After exercise, muscles can build up waste products such as carbonic and lactic acids. Increased circulation helps these muscles to rid themselves of toxic waste products and speeds up recovery.
  • Can help prevent over-training. Massage has a relaxing and sedative effect on your nervous system. This can be used to avoid overtraining syndrome. It has a limited effect on muscle building.
  • Helps treat and prevent injuries. Massage can increase circulation to prevent adhesions and break them down by stretching connective tissue. Massage has the ability to influence the release of certain fluids like phosphorous or nitrogen that are needed for tissue healing.