Aruba Sports Medicine
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CEMEDAR Center for Sports Medicine in Aruba

Aruba, despite being a small island, has a sports medical center, which offers its services to all practitioners of physical activity and sports, has high-tech equipment and highly experienced professionals who offer their services in various branches of sports medicine, athletes and practitioners of physical activity throughout the island.

Sports medicine is the medical specialty that studies the effects of competitive exercise and physical activity in general, on the human body, focusing on the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases and injuries that occur in practitioners, also in the evaluation of the physical conditions and performance of the athletes
Every day it has a greater role in both high performance and recreational sports, offering scientific support for the achievement of high results in elite athletes, and at a recreational level promoting the level of health and well-being of the population, offering care and guidance so that The practice of sport is always a means to raise the standard of living and the health of the population, at all ages, starting from an early age to the elderly.
The main tasks of sports medicine are:
• Preventive mission.
• Guiding mission.
• Healing mission.

Ejercicio Fisico todas las edades

Services offered:

  • Sports Traumatology
  • Sports medicine
  • Physiotherapy
  • Sports Psychology
  • Sports Massage
  • Athlete Functional Assessment


The services offered by the Arubano CEMEDAR sports medical center are available to the entire population of Aruba, both high-performance athletes and the general population, we have professionals in medicine and sports sciences willing to offer their services for well-being of the entire population, the practice of physical exercise has in CEMEDAR a center of high scientific level that everyone can use and benefit from its services.