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Seven Myth about Physical Therapy is only for accidents and injuries

Physical therapists are specialists in the movement who assist people in reducing pain, improving or restoring mobility, and remaining active throughout life. However, there are a few myths that frequently discourage patients from seeking treatment. It’s time to dispel 7 common myths about physical therapy:

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Therapy is effective

What you might be experiencing

Classically, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is characterized by needles or pins, numbness burning, or pain in the thumb and index fingers. The swelling, the difficulty in distinguishing between temperatures that are hot and cold, and a decrease in coordination can all be symptoms. Patients with this disorder often wake up at night with serious symptoms. They may be required to hold their hands in order to relieve themselves.

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Physical Therapy can provide Relief for Lower Back Pain

What type of work is most appropriate depends on the cause

If you’re suffering from low back pain that lasts longer than a few weeks Your doctor may recommend you to a physical therapist. While simple methods like applying heat or cold or using pain relief pills available over the counter might help, the best treatment for back pain is to exercise and other treatments under the direction of physical therapy.

“First and foremost, we attempt to figure out the kind of back pain we’re experiencing,”  Are you dealing with chronic or acute pain, and what’s the root of the problem? “We perform tests to determine the type of treatment that will perform best,”.

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